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All Hallows Eve

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All Hallows Eve

M.D. Smith, III

Christian, Sci-Fi / Fantasy, Suspense / Thriller, Action / Adventure

Young Adult (13-18), New Adult (18-30)

Release Date: June 2012

Dilworth has finally moved on from the events that took his sister's life. Now understanding who he is and where he comes from, Dilworth and Patrick find themselves tracking down the Dilworth’s birthright. The second Eht Koob fo S’nomed—The Book of Demons that belonged to Dil’s African ancestor. Traveling to Egypt, Fear is waiting for them as he has been hunting the 2nd book for centuries. Conquering their darkest fears and embracing new abilities, they grab the book and head to Paris, where they come across a couple of girls who will change their lives forever; "for better and for worse."For twenty-one years, The Druids of the Hallow Circle have been planning their triumphant rise into the Heavens. A plan that consists of gathering and creating an army during the planetary alignment on a night set aside for evil. With Halloween drawing near the only thing standing between them and success is the Purger willing to stand up for everything true, noble, right, and pure. But how can one fight for good when evil is always lurking within ready to grasp freedom? How can you resist the evil that wasn't made by ignorance? An evil that was created for a higher purpose that you can't see clearly. How do you fight an evil that was born? Will Dilworth be able to stop the Hallow Circle from completing their task, or will an evil made for a dark purpose be released and consume a love for Dilworth before it even has the chance to begin? The Silent Angel Chronicles continue…

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