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Melanin (n.) — a dark brown to black pigment occurring in the hair, skin, and iris of the eye in people

The Melanin Library is a continuously growing database of books written by Black authors. It is an extension of Written in Melanin, a brand created for the sole purposes of creating and promoting books by Black authors that feature Black and Brown main characters.

This site was created to make finding books by Black authors a simpler experience and to provide a space on the internet where Black authors are celebrated and showcased, without exception.

The Melanin Library is constantly growing and improving, so if you have a suggestion for the site, feel free to contact us.


Chelsea Lockhart

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Creator of Written in Melanin Publishing. Founder of the Melanin Library. Host of the Melanin Chat. Author. Wife. Anime lover. Tea drinker. Book devourer. Idea conjurer. Doer of things never done. The tornado in the Wizard of Oz.

Black. Magic. Unstoppable.

Chelsea Lockhart

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Without the people below, this website — this brand — would not exist. Our gratefulness to them is eternal. So, if you enjoy this site and resonate with our mission, please take a moment to appreciate them as we do.

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