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Certain Reprisal

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Certain Reprisal

Kevin Macklin

Suspense / Thriller, Crime, Action / Adventure

New Adult (18-30), Adult (25+)

Release Date: June 2020

Jon Dough survived a rough youth by being smart and tough. He also had a guardian angel in his mentor, a former KGB agent who taught him everything he would need to know to survive: strategic thinking, tradecraft, weapons skills, and the deadly Russian Martial Art Systema. Jon Dough is a tough guy, but he's also compelled to help those in need. An evil lurks in the streets. A wolf in sheep's clothing. After proving himself to be above the law, vengeance is on his mind. One by one, he's going to make them suffer. They tried to bring him down. Destroy him. But they couldn't. This evil is a force to be reckoned with, and he plans to bathe the streets in the blood of those who have wronged him. One woman disappears. Then a second. And a third. A friend of the missing women approaches Jon Dough to ask for his help. Jon Dough is compelled to help those in need. Certain Reprisal by Kevin Macklin is a breakout new thriller, an action movie in book form. This is the first full length novel in the Jon Dough series and sets the stage for the next chapter in his increasingly dangerous life.

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