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Entangled: A Cozy Fantasy Rapunzel Retelling

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Entangled: A Cozy Fantasy Rapunzel Retelling

Sula Sullivan

Sci-Fi / Fantasy, Romance

New Adult (18-30)

Release Date: September 2023

Heavy is the head that grows the crown... Princess Ciara never wanted to be a princess and now she wants to be Queen even less. For the last five years, Ciara's life has been a carefully scripted tale of duty and destiny, but she's always felt like the forgotten character in her own story. Banished to her tower by her power hungry stepfather, she's resigned to her role as figurehead. Cryptic prophecies woven into her hair by the Wise Women serve as Ciara’s only connection to the outside world. When the ruling council decides her stepfather must step down as regent and pave the way for Ciara, a plan is devised that she’ll be coronated in name only. For the plan to succeed, everything must go off without a hitch. Enter Sir Gavin, a valiant knight whose unwavering loyalty to the crown is matched only by his relentless pursuit of perfection. Just when he thinks his shining military career is over, he’s summoned to the capital and given one final order. His mission: to guard and tutor a spoiled princess until her symbolic coronation. Once that's over, he can finally retire. Gavin envisions a peaceful retirement by the seaside once his ridiculous task is complete. Ciara, on the other hand, sees the impending coronation as the only true way to fulfill her duty to her kingdom. Fate, it seems, has a different plan when Ciara and Gavin find themselves thrown into a reluctant partnership as they prepare for the event. Two weeks, two separate goals, and two people from entirely different worlds. What could possibly go wrong? Entangled weaves together a tale of unlikely love, humor, and self-discovery. It is a must-read for fans of both cozy fantasy, and romance. Please note that Entangled is a low spice novella with a guaranteed HEA

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