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A Heart To Hold

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A Heart To Hold

Sula Sullivan

Sci-Fi / Fantasy, Romance

New Adult (18-30)

Release Date: December 2022

Emma meets Snow White. Harmony has it all. Apple has nothing left to lose. A chance meeting changes everything. Having none of the “normal inducements” to marriage, Harmony Worth is content to enjoy her family’s fortune, meddle in the lives of her seven older brothers, and master her passion for brewing mead. With wealth, beauty, and wit there is not much she wants for, or so she thinks. Apple Forthwright is many things, a diviner, an illusionist, a potion master, and most importantly they’re a person on the run. Intent on surviving on their charms and staying in the shadows to avoid their wicked Mother, the last thing Apple planned to do was fall in love. With their love blossoming as Apple’s evil Mother is on the hunt, can they learn to lean on each other or will their Happily Ever After be poisoned? If you’re a fan of TV shows like ‘Once Upon a Time,’ 'Bridgerton,' And ‘Sanditon,’ or enjoy reading comedies of manners, you’ll love the novella “A Heart To Hold.” Featuring some of your favorite tropes: Sworn off Love They Fall First Opposites Attract The Regency Revisited series is a collection of interconnected novels set in an inventive Regency-inspired world. Each story follows its own protagonist as they go on their own journey of self-discovery, adventure, and ultimately romance. Every book has a guaranteed Happily Ever After! If you enjoy lush fantasy worlds, diverse ensemble casts, comedies of manners, and a heaping helping of humor, the world of the Regency Revisited series is awaiting your visit.

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