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Accidentally in Love with You

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Accidentally in Love with You

Kaye Lovett

Contemporary, Non-Fiction

New Adult (18-30), Adult (25+)

Release Date: September 2022

In a world surrounded by alpha males, he’s the gentle giant. Caleb Jackson struggled with his image in high school, and now at twenty-eight, he walks, talks, and moves like a boss with a refined physique to match. Yet, inside, he’s still the same kind, loving, shy boy. With not much luck in the love department, Caleb has settled for anyone who gives him attention in exchange for his wallet. That is until he meets a gentle soul simply by accident who changes his entire perspective of true love. Kacie Benjamin is a struggling entrepreneur, but like with everything else, she’s looking at things from a positive view until she keeps getting hit repeatedly with obstacles she’s not sure she can overcome. When she connects with Caleb, the dark cloud that seems to loom over her disappears. Allure and temptation keep them coming back to one another. Curious to see where their chance meeting leads, they discover they are everything each other ever wanted in a soul mate. Kacie wasn’t looking for love and Caleb didn’t know what love was, but will an accidental meeting be what they need to fall head over hills, or will an unfortunate incident rip them apart and force them in different directions?

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