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Cacophony, Book Two of The Realm

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Cacophony, Book Two of The Realm

L. Marie Wood

Horror, Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Adult (25+)

Release Date: October 2021

Toddlers and playdates and white picket fences. Afternoons in the park, steak on the grill—all in the perfect neighborhood. Gabby was living a life that many people could only wish for and she was over it. It wasn't that she disliked her world—it wasn't that at all...she loved her family and the life that she and her husband had made. She just wanted more— more action, more stimulation, more excitement. Gabby was bored. But while she spent her days washing sand out of hair and making PB&J sandwiches, a battle was going on in The Realm, a cosmic tug of war over the most inimitable of prizes: Gabby's very soul.

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