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L'Amour Coulture

Cozy AF Black Book Affair 2022, Holiday, Thanksgiving

New Adult (18-30), Adult (25+)

Release Date: November 2002

Everyone doesn't have the pleasure of enjoying the holidays with family this year. This is the case for Alia Gruner. After losing her parents to one of the world's biggest pandemics, Alia plans to spend her Thanksgiving alone. The result of her loss caused Alia to become one of the biggest introverts known to man. Closed off from the world, Alia stays inside for long periods of time; all of her needs are met in the comfort of her home. Three days before Thanksgiving, walking outside changed the course of Alia’s wallflower life. With one unexpected look from her neighbor’s grandson, Arzavious Delegal, Alia quickly shies away from his gaze. A sudden touch from Arzavious causes a fire to ignite in Alia as she struggles to accept what she’s feeling inside.

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