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A Bond Unbroken

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A Bond Unbroken

Maalika Hudson David

Christian, Contemporary

Young Adult (13-18), New Adult (18-30)

Release Date: June 2020

Carmen Smith is a young girl who was born into a bad situation and has been down on her luck, but has been praying to find a connection to her roots so she can find out who she really is. She doesn’t know her background because she was abandoned at birth. Throughout her youth, she’s been moving from foster home to foster home and even spent time in a group home. At the tender age of 16, she meets three girls going through similar and different situations. They are tasked to find themselves through workshop sessions, which will have them reach deep within themselves to understand their situations and make changes in their lives, so statistics can’t dictate their adulthood for them. She develops friendships within the girls and their bond keeps her motivated to move toward her journey in the search to finding her family and identity.  Together these young ladies share their experiences of life's situations. Sasha is the gregarious one willing to go over and beyond while Tami is more of the shy one who’d rather just be alone and keep to herself. Vex is the angry one that is trying to get it together but seems to be challenged at any given moment, and yet Carmen is the one who perseveres and is the guiding light within the group. They began to bond outside of the workshop sessions and are able to understand each other's day-to-day struggles by hanging out with each other. As their journey continues, they learn little intricacies about each other that can tear them apart.  Will their bonds be broken through jealousy, envy and resentment? Will that jealousy, envy and resentment cost Carmen the opportunity to connect with her family? Or will her journey manifest into something bigger than even she can imagine? 

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