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A Christmas to Remember

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A Christmas to Remember

Beverly Jenkins

Contemporary, General Fiction, Holiday, Xmas

Adult (25+)

Release Date: October 2023

Ever since Bernadine Brown bought the town of Henry Adams, her relationship with diner owner Malachi “Mal” July has had its share of ups and downs. But now they’re finally ready to say “I do.” Or are they? As wedding preparations go into full swing, and families both local and extended begin to gather for the festivities, that long awaited walk down the aisle begins to look like an obstacle course. But Mal and Bernadine’s relationship isn’t the only one being tested. Amari, one of the original foster kids who found a home in Henry Adams, takes stock of how far he’s come, especially with the help of his best friend Brain. But now he worries what may happen to their friendship when Brain goes off to college next year. And when Amari’s birth mother decides she wants to spend Christmas with her son, bringing with her plenty of drama, the town and its people must come together and remember the real meaning of the holidays.

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