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The Secrets We Keep

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The Secrets We Keep

Britt Joni


Adult (25+)

Release Date: March 2018

Tragedy changes us. Secrets bind us. Love heals us. When Gaea Lee leaves Brown State University, she has no plans of looking back. After all, besides a degree, what else has it given her besides a heartache she has yet to heal? Coming from a life of privilege, you would think Gaea is living a life of luxury, but no amount of privilege can save you from heartbreak. Getting your heart broken changes you, but Gaea is determined to heal; so she pours her life into healing, being happy, and forgetting a beautiful night that changed a friendship with her best male friend forever. But is that enough to change the longing for her friend? When Kwame Jacobsen leaves Brown State University, he’s all set up to enter the draft. He’s set up to take care of his family for life, but did that really take precedence over the happiness he was seeking? Although times have changed, he can’t seem to get past a night he shared with his best friend. No amount of success can dull the ache of what he feels he’s missing. When a ghost from his past surfaces and threatens his livelihood, will he be strong enough to withstand the pain of his secrets, or will he crumble? When tragedy strikes, Gaea and Kwame are forced to work together. Can they get past the night they shared? Can a secret that Gaea has kept keep Kwame from truly trusting her? Or will the ghost of Kwame’s past doom them?

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