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Cry Baby

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Cry Baby

King Benjamin

Urban Fiction, Crime

Adult (25+)

Release Date: April 2018

Crybaby Chris is a boy on a journey to become a man. His biggest problem is he doesn’t handle his emotions well. As a kid he is bullied and teased. As a teen he has his heartbroken by Charlotta the only girl that ever had any real interest in him. Being exposed to the elements of the streets one day he decides to bottle up all his emotions as best he can and reinvented himself as a cold hearted gansta named Capone. As Capone he deals harshly with anyone who crosses him earning respect and position in the streets. But no matter how hard he tries he can’t escape who he really is. Charlotta is serious risk taker and just to cool for her own damn good. What she wants out of life most is respect for being the hustler she believes herself to be and the street fame that comes with it. She too young to realize that street fame comes with a price. Years After the break up Capone and Charlotta link up and a flame is rekindled once again. Will the bond these teen gangstas share lead to ghetto heaven or send them straight to hell?

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