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Addict 2.0 - Andre's Story

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Addict 2.0 - Andre's Story

Porsha Deun

Erotica, Short Stories

Adult (25+)

Release Date: May 2021

Readers asked how did Destiny meet the men in her life and what was Andre's life like after the ending of Addict. Here is your chance to find out! In this second installment of the Addict Series, we witness how Andre and Destiny met. Andre had no idea how that chance meeting would change his life forever and for the worse. What should have been a one-night stand turned into Andre falling desperately in love for Destiny Chambers, a woman who had no intentions of being in love ever again. Destiny consumes Andre and he finds himself doing things he wouldn’t do under normal circumstances in hopes that one day, Destiny will return his affections. Just how far will Andre’s love for Destiny push him over the edge?

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