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J. Nell

Multicultural/ Interracial, Romance, Erotica

Adult (25+)

Release Date: December 2021

Former navy seal Atlas Gideon is the living personification of duty and honor. He has never failed to complete a mission and he is determined to complete this final mission even if it takes the rest of his life. But instead of finding the completion, he's worked so hard for he finds a mysterious woman instead. Will she be the key to his mission or will the love she offers be enough temptation for him to walk away from the most important mission of his life? DISCLAIMER This book contains material that is only suitable for mature audiences over the age of 18 years old. Strong language, violence, and explicit sexual content included. Please read the trigger warning before proceeding! Proceed at your own discretion. TRIGGER WARNING! This book contains sensitive material including: Child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, violence, suicide, self-harm, vivid nightmare imagery, substance abuse, childhood trauma, PTSD

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