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Appetite to Satisfy: Hungry for Him

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Appetite to Satisfy: Hungry for Him

India T Norfleet

Poetry / Novels in Verse

Adult (25+)

Release Date: July 2019

Appetite to Satisfy: Hungry for Him is a compilation of intoxicating verses that will unequivocally court, seduce, and charm your mental unlike anything you've ever known before. There will never be a time that will make you want to explore the depths of your guilty pleasures and wild inhibitions more eagerly than when you are happily lost between the pages of all these juicy, honeyed words that will leave you licking your lips, fanning yourself, and feigning for more. The magnitude of hunger that you'll develop from this poetry will send you skyrocketing into a lover's paradise so divine you'll want to ravish your lover at every pivot of your demanding imagination. You will never encounter a deeper drive and energy or feel more sensually, sexually, and romantically inspired to immerse yourself in the beauty of just how far you are willing to go to satisfy your appetite for love, sex, and romance. Turn the page and see for yourself…

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