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Be Ready Always: A Christian Fiction Novel

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Be Ready Always: A Christian Fiction Novel

Gomer Joseph

Christian, Fiction

New Adult (18-30), Adult (25+)

Release Date: May 2020

Those who died would always be remembered. Those who survived would never forget... In the aftermath of a tragic school shooting, the lives of the victims' families are forever altered. Sixteen-year-old Tony Phillips lost his twin sister Tara on that fateful day. Now, he struggles to deal with the pain and guilt that plague him. And with every passing day, his anger and despair grow deeper. He feels as if he can't trust the God he was taught to believe in, and he isn't sure if he'll ever have peace of mind again. His friends and family do their best to help. They want to be there for him, to help restore his faith. But no matter how hard they try, he just seems to push them away... Can Tony overcome his crisis of faith, and find the strength to go on without his beloved twin sister? Or will that dark day of tragedy claim one more victim...

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