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After the Morning After

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After the Morning After

Tatum James

Contemporary, Romance

New Adult (18-30), Adult (25+)

Release Date: October 2021

Sometimes, the thing you need most is the last thing you would ever imagine having. Clarke Michaels is a registered nurse working her dream job in labor and delivery. The mother of twin boys loves her job just as much as she loves her fiancé, Cortez. The sordid past that her fiancé knows nothing of comes back to haunt her in unexpected ways. Could a forgotten one-night stand cost her everything?   Millionaire playboy, Lyncoln Hughes, is a perpetually noncommittal bachelor. As the owner of a successful cybersecurity company, he’s living out his dreams of success with the occasional fling. Although he enjoys the company of a woman, he’s happily single and relishes in the fact that he is the king of his palace. Unwilling to give up his solitude, he loves them and leaves them. Lyncoln only has himself to answer to and that’s just the way he likes it… Until he meets the one he can’t leave behind.   Their lives collide in a brief encounter that the two only vaguely remember. That inconsequential meeting has lasting effects on the pair. As their connection grows… their existing relationships are tested. ⁣

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