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Together We Ride

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Together We Ride

Valerie Bolling

Family, Picture Book

Budding Readers (5-8), Children's (Up to 10)

Release Date: April 2022

Hair Love meets bike rides in this loving portrait of a father-daughter relationship. Learning to ride is no easy feat! But with a little courage, a guiding hand from her dad, and an enthusiastic bark from her pup, one brave girl quickly learns the freedom that comes from an afternoon spent outside on a bike. Experience the fear, the anticipation, and the delight of achieving the ultimate milestone in this energetic, warm story that celebrates the precious bond between parent and child. THE JOY OF LEARNING TO RIDE A BIKE: Who can forget the first time they learned to ride a bike? This book is a nostalgic nod for parents and one they will be eager to share with their young one learning how to ride.

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