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Baby Girl

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Baby Girl

Amelia Rucker

Romance, Christian

Release Date: April 2022

Aisha Reynolds is looking towards summer break. After graduating from high school with honors, Aisha can not wait to spend one last summer with her friends. When her childhood crush, Enoji surprises her oneday, Aisha begins to reminisce about all of the good memories she shared with him. It isn't long that a envious dark figure tries to make Aisha's summer a living Hell. Enoji has always loved Aisha. After spending four years at Morehouse College, Enoji decides to confess his true feelings for Aisha. As soon as things began to go smooth between the two, Aisha is kidnapped, and Enoji along with his brother and friends go after her. Will Aisha and Enoji reunite for good or will they be torn apart forever? Read less

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