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A Boss and A Thug

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A Boss and A Thug

King Benjamin

Urban Fiction, Romance

Adult (25+)

Release Date: April 2020

Rodney Allen AKA Balla, as most know him, is a man that’s considered a thinker, a strategist. He’s worked hard for his reputation and financial status and sees no limits for his future. Living his best life, Balla has no idea something is missing from it until he meets a young feisty girl from his side of town through circumstances so strange it had to be fate. What starts off as a sprint to put another notch on his bedpost turns out to be a marathon run after a girl’s heart. Nakati Reed is not looking to be saved. If anything, she’s looking to save herself. After seemingly going from riches to rags her main objective is to make her bounce back stronger than her fall. When Balla enters Nakati's life it becomes obvious that he is exactly what she needs, but the two of them seem to have different ideas about the role she should play in his world. They have different ideas about a lot of things, but when it gets real in the streets Balla has no choice but to accept Nakati for who she is. The only problem with that is how do you protect a woman from harm that’s so comfortable on the front line?

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