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Until Death

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Until Death

Delaney Diamond

Suspense / Thriller, Romance

New Adult (18-30), Adult (25+)

Release Date: March 2021

This is Part 2 of 2 and should only be read after reading Part 1, Until Now. The best laid plans can still go awry…in the most terrifying way. Shanice Lawrence is hiding, but she soon learns that everything she’s been told has been a lie. After she and Cruz finally reunite, she’s happy and content in the life they’ve built together. A normal life, far from the turmoil of the past. But then the unthinkable happens, and she’s thrust into a nightmare she didn’t see coming. When Cruz Cordoba finds Shanice alive, he vows to never leave her again, and for a while, life is good—a far cry from the violence and chaos he’s used to as a Plan B assassin. Unfortunately, a deadly force won’t leave the couple alone. In the end, Cruz has no choice. Kill, or be killed.

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