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A Naughty Lovers Wedding

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A Naughty Lovers Wedding

India T Norfleet

Romance, Erotica

Adult (25+)

Release Date: April 2020

Memphis and Lucianna are back with a love for the ages, but little does either of them know, hell is rising faster than a tsunami getting ready to make landfall, and their union isn’t safe from anything and anyone who desires to keep them apart.
After a whirlwind affair and spur of the moment nuptials, all seems right within the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Reigns. For Lucianna, loving on her man and enjoying her happily ever after is more than enough to keep her full of smiles. For Memphis, giving his wife the world, the wedding reception he felt he cheated her out of and keeping her safe and protected is all that matters to him. Add to that, a few Reigns boys he hopes to bless his beau with one day soon to carry on his name and life couldn’t be any more perfect. 
 Though, sometimes the road to perfection is paved with more pain than promise. Leaving the end result steeped in despair and covered in agony deep enough to drown in as their last breath is forced from their bodies. Will Memphis and Lucianna’s love for each other survive some of the oldest obstacles of all time, or will they succumb to the pressures of other people’s misery and watch in horror as their once seemingly perfect bond is broken forever?

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