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The Ways of Love

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The Ways of Love

Bella Jay

Romance, Fiction

New Adult (18-30), Adult (25+)

Release Date: January 2021

All Adalyn Russell ever wanted was a happily ever after. And at one point in time, she would do whatever it took to get that by any means necessary. Until whatever it took turned into a nightmare that almost took her life. She realized what she thought she wanted was toxic, and what she did want was staring her right in the face. Waze Whitmoore always believed that when the right woman came along, he would know. And he was right because from the moment he met Adalyn, he knew that eventually she would be his. And she was. With Waze, Adalyn had found her Prince Charming. But it's when you have everything you think you could have ever wanted, that your past comes back and threatens to ruin everything.

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