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Unequal: A Story of America

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Unequal: A Story of America

Michael Eric Dyson, Marc Favreau

Non-Fiction, Racism / Prejudice

Young Adult (13-18), New Adult (18-30)

Release Date: May 2022

Renowned, bestselling author Michael Eric Dyson makes his YA debut, with critically acclaimed author Marc Favreau, to deliver an urgent, enlightening account of racial inequality in America. The true story of racial inequality--and resistance to it--is the prologue to our present. You can see it in where we live, where we go to school, where we work, in our laws, and in our leadership.  Unequal presents a gripping account of the struggles that shaped America and the insidiousness of racism and demonstrates how inequality persists. As readers meet some of the many African American people who dared to fight for a more equal future, they will also discover a framework for addressing racial injustice in their own lives.

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