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Blood Land

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Blood Land

Audra Russell

Paranormal, Horror

Adult (25+)

Release Date: August 2020

Sometimes history can't stay in the past. Paul and Theresa Simmons, a young African American couple, are the new owners of a former plantation in Maryland and feel proud to have taken back some of the lands that Africans and Blacks were enslaved on. Theresa is pregnant with their first child and everything is falling into place. Theresa soon begins hearing and seeing strange things she can't explain - and they are taking their toll on the health of her and her unborn child. Paul wants to sell the house and save his wife's life. Theresa wants to dig deeper into the past of the former plantation because she knows the answer to what is happening lies in the history of the old home. The more she digs, the more conflicts she has with her husband, her mother, and the apparition itself. This turf war has gone on for centuries, but now it's time for the showdown. Family secrets will be revealed. Wrongs will be righted. Reparations will be made. This is Blood Land.

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