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A Baby for Christmas

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A Baby for Christmas

Tiana Cole

Romance, Holiday, Xmas, Multicultural/ Interracial

Adult (25+)

Release Date: November 2020

Shonda It was supposed to be a simple favor for a friend, and it turned my life upside down. No good deed goes unpunished, as the saying goes. It was one little favor for my bestie, step in to play the fake girlfriend for a guy willing to pay for the privilege. Make some cash. Move on. It was supposed to be simple. Only I didn’t count on Ryan being gorgeous, or charming, or a good dancer, or an excellent kisser. It was one fake date for a fake one day relationship. But the consequences of that date would last forever. Ryan I just wanted to avoid looks of pity from my non-single friends and colleagues. It was one date—one fake date—for a friend’s wedding. Nothing more. But Shonda was just my type. Curvy, brown and nerdy. She knocked me for a loop and that one date turned into an entire night. And then she was gone. Poof. Out of my life. Until fate, and my boss Michael, stepped in and changed everything. Christmas in San Diego was meant to be a vacation, a chance to recharge my batteries. Instead it changed my whole life and helped me find my heart in the form of a beautiful little girl with green eyes like mine. And her mother, curvy, brown & nerdy. Just how I remembered her. Was it possible to have a second chance with a woman I’d only known for a day? I didn’t know but I was hoping for a Christmas miracle.

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